Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Book To Pre-order - The Craft by Lou Teasdale

Finally a book written by a make-up artist/hair stylist that actually looks modern and not a complete bore to read!
Most of these types of book I have looked at/bought have been so hard to read and even harder to follow the so called step-by-step instructions. Also many are only aimed at make-up artists or to those who aspire to be them.

However, just by reading the description on Amazon and looking at the front cover (which is bright, colourful and edgy), The Craft written by Lou Teasdale is going to be the complete opposite! (Wooooo!!)
Stating that it has '25 cool projects to do at home...Lou starts with the basics and shares essential advice...features step-by-step make-up and hair tutorials that are edgy, stylish and fun'. After all this is what make-up and hair should be. FUN!
One of the most important parts of this book description is 'easy-to-follow' which is something that not all these types are books are.

All in all, this sounds like the perfect book for someone who loves make-up and hair and wants to learn how to do things themselves, especially since it is written by someone who works in the industry themselves.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Bring on the 14th April 2014!

Love Laura xx

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