Friday, 24 April 2015

Music Review - Miranda Amess

This is my very first music review and honestly I'm a little nervous about posting, as it is something I haven't done before! 

I found the amazingly talented Miranda Amess on Twitter after she was looking for bloggers and I'm so glad I did. Her voice is amazing! Miranda is a singer-songwriter based in Manchester who's main music focus is on a blues/folk-pop sound. She is currently recording her first EP which is to be released this summer and will featured 'Song for Mara' - one of the tracks on her Soundcloud page.

'Song for Mara' is such a beautiful song that shows raw emotion and anyone who says they don't feel anything after listening to it is defiantly lying! It is a such a simple track with just an acoustic guitar playing quietly in the background and letting Miranda's voice dominate and take full control and letting her beautiful lyrics be truly heard. The song was inspired by one of Miranda's friends who sadly passed away in January - it really is a beautiful song and I'm sure she would be so happy and proud of it.
What is also amazing about this track is that is a live recording. The accuracy and delivery of the song is something you would normally only hear from studio recordings but Miranda is able to convey the emotion and dominate the direction of the song brilliantly.
I would also recommend checking out the cover of Ella Henderson 'Ghost' as Miranda sings this so well and makes it her own even through it is such a well known song. I honestly think I prefer this to the original!

Miranda Amess is defiantly someone you should check out and also attend her gigs in Manchester in May. To me, she is a 'real' musician with a natural talent for singing, writing and also guitar.
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Love Laura x


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