Saturday, 15 August 2015

Doll White

As I have said in previous posts, I have never been blessed with pearly whites, so I am always willing to give whitening products a go. This time, I have been trying out Doll White* after been sent them by the company. These are whitening strips you simply stick to your teeth and leave for the amount of time, which is 30mins.

doll white teeth whitening strips review

The strips themselves stick well to your teeth, but I found that they left a lot of the gel behind when they were removed which had a strange taste. Defiantly not the mint flavour promised! While they did whiten my teeth, I found it only lasted for a couple of hours each time before my teeth went back to normal. However, now the 2 weeks are over, my teeth do appear to be slightly whiter than they were.

doll white teeth whitening strips

doll white teeth whitening strips

I do love the Doll White packaging, as it is simple, smart and says what it needs to. However, it is quite obvious that it is only aimed at a female audience, as it is a little girly. (Font used?) Saying that, I do love the black and white used as it still looks professional and classy. The instructions were clear and easy to follow when using the strips, as long as you remember to dry your teeth before you apply!
One thing I found with using Doll White was that it did leave my teeth a little sensitive for a few hours after use. I don't suffer from sensitivity normally, so I was not very happy about this.

Over all I would say the Doll White does the job and can make your teeth appear whiter, but they are not the best of the whitening products I have tried.

Have you tried these strips and what did you think of them?

Love Laura x
*This product has been gifted/sent
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  1. Interesting post. I've never tried teeth whitening products but I certainly wouldn't want sensitivity after using one! Which others do you like?

    Paris x

    1. Hi Paris, the other strips I tried were Mr Blanc ( ) hope this helps!
      L x