Saturday, 3 October 2015

Purrfect Box

I'm a huge softie and love buying things for Tinka, so what could be better than him getting his own post?! Honestly I think I was probably more excited about this than him but oh well! Purrfect Box is a subscription gift box service for cats (they also do one for dogs) which contains 5/6 surprise items. The boxes are put together with you cat in mind, as you fill in a short survey to start with which asks basic questions about your cat so the box is tailored specifically for them. This is an amazing thing to do, as anyone who owns any animal will know that no two are ever alike.

cat subscription box review

subscription box for cats review purrfect box

subscription box for cats review

The box I received for Tinka contained two different bags of treats, a blue collar, a catnip toy pillow, a butterfly toy and a cleaning solution for ears. I love the range of different products that are given and are things that all cats will enjoy, bar the collar - Tinka hates them! Each product is also full size - something unusual in subscription boxes I have found! One of the products I was particularly looking forward to try out was the cleaning solution, as cats do get dirt around their ear which can affect hearing. A small amount of a cotton wall bud is all you need and wipe around the ear to remove any dirt. I defiantly think I was more impressed with this than Tinka - he hates being 'messed' with - but it did leave him with lovely cleans ears. It didn't have that much of a smell either, which is always a good thing!
The box it comes in is super cute and memorable. Everything fits in perfectly without anything getting damaged. You know exactly what it is when it gets delivered, as it has the company name printed clearly along with adorable paw prints!

This is such a unique subscription box service and the only one that I have seen catered for cats! For all the items you get, it is defiantly worth the money if you want a treat for your pet. Have you ever got a subscription box for your pet? What did you think of it?

Love Laura x

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  1. Those are some super cute treats for your cat, I have adopted my in laws cats, and I don't think the treats would last long with them, they love their food and their fusses and treats!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  2. Oh I love the thought of getting my little pooch his own subscription box, but at the moment I can't afford to. They're such a lovely idea though, and I know my dog would appreciate all the treats and knick-knacks! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. The same company do one for dogs - don't think it's too expensive!
      L x

  3. They make cat sub boxes? This is too adorable!!!

    Hannah xx

  4. I have a cat, he's huge and he's called Mr Fluff and he is a prince. I need to get my hands on this for him!! It looks so good and he'd love it all xx

    Y x |

    1. Aww he sounds so cute and I'm sure he would love one!