Thursday, 5 November 2015

Skincare Favourites

I have always used the old saying 'less is more' when it comes to skin care and the amount of products I use, mainly to reduce the amount of breakouts along with actually letting my skin breathe. Although it may not seem like a lot, the products I do use do the job perfectly well and my skin feels so healthy for it.

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Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash
I can not recommend this face wash enough! I have been using it for 4years+ and it has helped my skin so much. I suffered from oily skin which is prone to breakouts, but using this everyday helps to control the excess oil and to fight those pesky spots. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after every use but without the 'tightness' that some washes can leave you with. Also, the effects last for a number of hours after use.

Morrisons Face Wipes
I have used these wipes for years and find they remove all make up easily without irritating skin or being too harsh. Also, you get so many wipes in each packet which is amazing for the price - 2 for £1.50!

Mr. Bean Body Scrub
A body scrub is something I simply can not live without and I love Mr. Bean (previous post here). It is unique in that it uses coffee and the smell is amazing! It makes your skin super soft from the first use and can also help with any skin aliments you may have without irritating. They also reply super quick to any emails you send to them!

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray
My back is one of my 'problem' areas and for years I tried pretty much anything and everything to help until I found this wonder product! It contains both tea tree and witch hazel and they are both known antibacterial and skin calming properties which help to reduce inflation and fight the bacteria that causes the spots to appear. It also dries super quick too!

E45 Cream
Now I know this is normally associated with the older generation but I love it. Use it on any patch of dry skin and it helps to moisturize it in seconds, without being too greasy like some moisturizers can be.

Maybelline Babylips
I have loved these lip balms since they first can to the UK! (review here) I can pretty much guarantee your lips will feel baby soft after applying. As they come in a few different 'shades' you can be spoilt for choice but my go-to ones are 'cherry me' and 'peach kiss'.

No technically something to put on skin, but drinking water throughout the day does actually help you skin so much. It hydrates the skin making it look more healthy and can be known to stop breakout from happening.

What are you skincare favourites?
Love Laura x

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