Saturday, 14 May 2016

How To | Promote On Social Media

One of the key skills a blogger needs, is to know how and when to promote on social media for maximum effect to either a specific post or the blog as a whole.


After 2 years of blogging, I have picked up a few ways that promote my blog well and get each post seen by both old and new readers. This is a bit of a long post, so grab a brew and a biscuit and read on!

One of the best ways to expose your blog to a large audience, is to join in blogger chats. They happen every day of the week at a variety of times - the most popular seems to be 7-9pm. These give you the chance to chat about a specific topic with a load of other bloggers who you may not have interacted with before and they defiantly give a sense of belonging to the bogging community.
Tag brands in your promotion tweets, as you never know they may retweet them! Also, tagging retweet accounts are a good way to get the tweet across to a wider audience. I always use these type of accounts and they really do work to get more views on posts. This is the same for using hashtags. Bloggers are always searching through the hashtags to see what is being said, so why not add your new blog post to the mix?
One of the most important things to remember with Twitter is to be active and I don't just mean with blog promotion tweets either! Interact and engage with other people and show off your personality!

One of the best way to promote on instagram are through hashtags, as this gets your photos seen by a large range on people, and not just the ones following you. The tags you use pay a huge part in how well an image does, as obviously, some are more popular than others!
Using tags, such as tagging the brands your wearing not only gets your image seen but can also give you the chance of getting it regrammed by the brand, which is maximum exposure! You can also tag regram and inspo accounts which do the same.
My biggest tip for promoting your blog via instagram is to engage. This means liking other's posts, commenting and following accounts you like. It shows you are a real person and not just expecting something for nothing!

The best way to promote I have found is to join blogging groups. These specially created groups normally have a thread post where you can share you newest post in exchange for commenting on the ones posted above you. (This is how it normally works but not on all!) This also an amazing place to ask question/for advice on all things blogging - there is always someone who has the answer you might need.
Having you own page for your blog is a good way to promote, as you can share all your blog posts there and it is another social link to add to your blog and also give to brands/PR's.

One of the newest platforms to promote on, but also one of the easiest - well, once you have the followers on there! Show your blog on there, especially when you have a new post up and also give the URL link in it's simplest form and on a plain background if possible. Remember, people screenshot a lot from snapchat, so keep things simple!

The best way to promote on Pinterest is to join group boards aimed at bloggers. This means that people with similar interests to you are more likely to see your posts, rather than just leaving it to chance. These group boards can be hard to find, but I have found quite a few from the Facebook groups.
Uploading your images with descriptions, including your keywords can help them to be seen by more people, as this is what people will search for. Also, make sure you add the relevant blog link to each image, as this will redirect them to the post.

Post time
Post at peak times - early morning, lunch time and evenings are when most people use and check social media, so make sure you post then for maximum exposure!

Don't spam
Don't just constantly promote just your blog posts and make sure you leave a few hours between each upload. This defiantly works more on Twitter and Instagram than the others, as if you feed it just promotion when people look at your profile as a whole, it will make people unfollow you and just think your annoying - exactly what you don't want!

Well, there you have it! Easy ways to promote each and every post you publish on your blog. These all do require a bit of work but your analytics will show the difference in no time, so it really does pay off to put some time into promotion. Remember, don't be spammy when promoting!

If you need easy SEO tips or ideas on how to reduce your bounce rate , make sure you read those posts and see how they can help you! 

How do you promote your blog and is there anything you think I have missed off? Also, is there anything you would like blog tips on?

Love Laura x


  1. There are some great tips. I love what you say about engaging on Instagram... I'm guilty of not doing that enough. :/

    Oliver x

    1. So am I but have made a decision to do that more and the difference is amazing!

  2. Great tips! I wish I had the time to do *everything* but I do what I can, I am only human after all :)

    1. It's so hard to find the time to everything ever day!

  3. These are really great and useful tips! I really need to start tweeting more during my promotion tweets and join in more chats :) xx

    Lauren |

    1. So glad you like them and I am guilty of not tweeting much in between too

  4. Some useful advice, the chats are definitely my favourite x

    1. I love being part of the chats and they hep your blog so much

  5. Thanks for the tips! I agree with you that chats are amazing - I also love just getting to make new bloggy friends!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. Glad you found them useful and the chats are an amazing way to get involved in the blogging community

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