Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Gift Of A Star

When it comes to buying gifts for people, I normally have a pretty good idea of what to get them, but sometimes you have that one person who is impossible to buy for but you still have to get them something, even though they probably already have everything! This is where Star Name Registry come in with one of the most unique and special gifts you could possibly buy.



Star Name Registry is just that, they give you the chance to name a star with something that is special and personal, along with a date and choice of constellation. No star is named twice, so it will always be named whatever it is that you choose which I think just makes it even more special! Naming a star is something I had heard of, but had always though it would be so expensive so I was highly surprised when I look on their site as they start from £14.99 which is so affordable! The one which I was very kindly sent is the Extra Bright Star Gift Set * with retails at £44.99 and for this you get:

 Entry into the Registry
A4 Star Name Deed
The Sky Atlas star maps
Confirmation letter
Gift Explained Extra Bright Star
A4 Silver Certificate Frame with Deed
Wrapped in Light Blue Tissue Paper
Silver Presentation Box

Rather than get mine as a present, I got my star named after my horse Bonnie along with the date we got her. I know it may sound a little daft to get a star named after an animal but she has given me and my family so much and she really is a star to us! If you have read this post, you will know just some of the things she has given me!

I think this makes such a gorgeous and sentimental gift for someone (or even to name after a pet like me!) as it not only comes in a frame which can be both stood on a window still or hung on the wall, it comes beautifully packaged in a silver box complete with tissue paper and 2 gorgeous wooden roses, making it the perfect gift for a loved one, especially for Valentines Day or their birthday! You are also given the details on how to view your star using Google sky so you can show everyone exactly what is yours.

Having loved receiving this and having the opportunity to name a star, The Star Registry are given one of you lucky lot the opportunity to win your very own! The one they are giving you is the     worth £39.99. To be entered, click on either (or both!) of the images below and simply follow and RT for Twitter and/or follow and like on Instagram. Winner will be chosen on 20th May 2017!

Good luck and maybe wish upon a star?!
I had to say that, I mean I couldn't not, right?!
Love Laura x

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