Monday, 17 July 2017

A Hot Summer's Day

One thing I always struggle with when the weather gets warm, is what makeup to wear. You know the feeing when you want to wear a full face but also don't because it's too warm and you know that an hour later it's going to sliding all over your face! So, how about a tutorial that's perfect for the hottest of summer days?


I'm currently obsessed with doing this makeup, especially since it means no heavy foundation when the weather is warm. Also, it is the quickest makeup look I've ever done - I mean literally 10mins to do both makeup and hair, that quick! It's only really this year that I've felt good enough in my skin to just wear concealer, not that I wear makeup everyday anyway but I'm so happy with my skin at the moment, that I don't really feel the need for full coverage. It also gives it a chance to breath which I think my skin is particularly loving!
A slightly glittery/shimmery eye is always my go to in summer as the sun really catches it and it just looks so pretty. As the Technic one is a primer and glitter in one, it's one less product to use and with the gold over the top, it adds some depth and contour to the eye. The lip colour is also so natural to my skin and I actually just did a post on all the Pixi Gel Tints too!

What do you think of this look?
Love Laura x

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