Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Appear More Fashionable - 3 Style Tips

If you look at pretty much any photo of stylish celebrities or 'IT' girls, you will not doubt have noticed some common things about their style. It doesn't matter if its the body-slimming tricks they all use or the brands they love, we are always trying to duplicate the style of the fashion elite. This is of course heightened by brands doing get-the-look pieces and oh course, fellow bloggers!  Here are 3 of the main style tips all the coolest fashion girls rely on and they are so easy to follow!


Your Strengths
Everyone has that one pieces of clothing that they know they look amazing in, so play to the strength and find more of that but maybe in a different colour or fabric. The same goes for a favourite body part - love your legs, then a mini skirt/dress is for you! Arms are you fav? Try a sleeveless top.
Three It Up
Some of the best outfits from the fashion elite use the power of three. This can add some complexity to your outfit in such a simple way and it can also make you look more polished, interesting and also make it appear that you took more time in choosing your outfit. Your top and skirt are your first two items then add a jacket, sweater or statement accessory to complete.

Stand Out Piece
Most of the more stylish people out there have at least one stand out and/or surprising piece in every look they wear. This attracts people to look at their style and also means the rest of their outfit can be simple. The easier way to do this would be statement accessory or an item is a bold colour.

Are there any other style tips that you always abide by?
Love Laura x

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