Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sophia O'Connor Stationery

Hands up, who loves getting new stationery?! The one thing I can not resist buying - even though I have way too many - is notes books and the cuter or more unique they are, the better! Have to say, I'm also partial to buying cards, either plain or birthday ones so I always have them in ready to send out when I need. When Sophia O'Connor got in touch asking if I would like some of her stationery, oh course I said yes!



How flipping gorgeous are these?! Not only that but they are such amazing quality as they are made using FSC certified paper stock and/or high quality card and you can feel this, so they definitely feel like they are going to last even if they are at the bottom of your bag - this is essential for notebook of this size.

The blue gradient note book is filled with lined pages which makes it perfect for taking notes and as it is A6 size, it's small and light enough to just leave in your bag for taking notes on the go which is what I've been doing. Everyone will be sure to ask where you got it from as it's so gorgeous. Even though it is small, there are enough pages to last you a good while.
The card has Happy Birthday in gold foil which makes it look so luxurious and I love the speckle print which I have never seen on a greetings card before. It is also blank inside so you can put your own message - there's nothing more annoying then cards already have a load of text in and you having to fit your message around it, but that's certainly not the problem here as there's plenty of room to write.

Just looking through Sophia's website, you can tell how much time and love has gone into creating each and every one of the products. Alongside stationery, she also does cushions, lampshades and prints with unique designs, so you're sure to find something you like!

Let me know what you buy!
Love Laura x

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