F.B.L Savvy

Hi and welcome to my little place on the internet where I share all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. (Probably everything in-between too!)

 After reading so many blogs on all these catagroies, I decided to create a space where I could share my thoughts and opinions, and so F.B.L Savvy was created in 2014.
Everything from outfit posts and product reviews to beauty/hairstyle favourites and pretty much anything I personally like or could be helpful to others.

New posts every Wednesday and Saturday at 8am, so make you check back then to get the latest!

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I hope you enjoy looking through and reading my blog!
I also love reading any comments you have and will try to reply to all of you.
Lots of love
Laura x

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  1. Hey!!
    My Liebster Award post is up and I nominated you as one of my favourite "new" blogs slash I kind of just cheated and nominated heaps of my recent favourite blogs!
    Anyways I'd love if you checked it out and keep doing you, I love your blog!