Thursday, 30 January 2014

Leather Jackets

My go-to jacket is always a leather jacket. This is mainly because it goes with pretty much any outfit and also grunge up/dress down particularly dressy/girly outfits, making it something perfect to wear day and night.

Leather can be quite pricy and they are not always the warmest jackets you can buy but are defiantly an investment piece. If it's a good fit and cut, it will be timeless and always in fashion whatever the 'trends' may be.

My favourite leather jacket is black from Lipsy which cost around £150 about 4 years ago and it is still going strong and no wear or tear at all, which I am very impressed by as I am always wearing it! This defiantly goes to show that if you are willing to pay more, you will defiantly get a better quality jacket that does last.

However, if you do want to follow the trends for this season and incorporate a leather jacket into this, then go for a pastel shade in biker style.

Topshop £185
Pink Biker (real leather)

River Island £120
Pale Blue Biker (real leather)
Of course, if you just want a leather jacket in black and don't want to pay out for a real leather jacket, then head to Miss Selfridge. They start from around £50.

What do you think of leather jackets and how do you wear yours?

Love Laura xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

F.B.L Quick Tip #3

If your lacking in the height department (like me), nude heels are a saviour!
Nude heels make legs appear longer and you taller. Try to find some that are similar to your skin tone to help with this illusion.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Be Good To Your Skin

I’m always on the lookout for new skin care products, as I believe that if you’re good to your skin, it will be good back to you! Below are a list of ‘rules’ I try to live by in order to keep my skin looking at it's best

  • Drink WATER!!! (I don’t particularly enjoy it but it definitely helps skin!)

  • Wash your face twice a day, so much dirt can build up ,especially on your face. I use Freederm Sensitive Facial Wash as it deep cleans pores and also eliminates excess oil.

  • Exfoliate body twice a week, face once a week. I use the exfoliating gloves on my body and the Clinique 7-day scrub on my face.
  •  Moisturise everyday!

  •  Remove all make-up before bed

  • Use a product containing SPF (even in winter - the sun can still damage skin then!)
What do you use to keep your skin in tip-top condition? Comments below!
Love Laura xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Purple Lipstick - Finally Found!

After searching different drug stores/high street stores and the internet for a purple lipstick (can only seem to find reds and pinks) I have finally found one without the luxury price tag. After doing an Google search, I have found that the shop that gets my prize for actually selling a purple lipstick is (drumroll) --- Claires!

Now this is not normally somewhere I would go in as it seems to have been stereotypes that only young teenage girls go in, but I was genuinely surprised as I never would have thought about buying any sort of make-up from there. However, this lipstick is amazing!

As you can see, it looks just like a lipstick you would get from any other brand you may find in a drugstore and there are no child-like colours/drawings on the container or the box it can in. (was just black and silver too) The clear lid is also good, meaning you can see the exact colour straight away.

Needless to say this was tested straight away! It looks quite dark when I tested in on my hand (I am quite pale skinned anyway!) but when its on my lips it is more of a violet shade with a hint of pink. It feels quite oily as first but once blotted it seems fine and last for a few hours. Yes this may not be quite as long as a regular lipstick, but for the price I'd say it was pretty good! I did use a lip brush to apply to make it slightly easier to get my cupids arrow just right.
I guess purple lipstick can be seen as a gothicy colour but this is defiantly more fashion than anything and it still subtle enough to be worn during the day as long as the rest of your make it subtle, let the lipstick stand out only!
Also, like I said, Claires is not a place I would ever really go into, but after buying this lipstick, I may have to visit a bit more often and also buy the other colour lipsticks they sell. While I was in there I did have a quick nosey around the store and yes there may be more child-like things but it is a shop aimed at young teenagers, but if you can be bothered to look you can find some good things. I did like the look of some of their hair kits (buns, bows etc) and also their clip on earrings, as I currently don't have my ears pieced.

Well there you have it! Instead of going through a lot of shops and internet sites for a purple lipstick without the luxuary price tag head to Claires - it was only £3!!

As always, I hope you like what I have written and also comments are greatly appreciated and will be read. Also don't forget my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' sites!

Love Laura xx

Saturday, 18 January 2014

F.B.L Quick Tip #2

Want to wear your fav LBD, but don't want to look boring?
Give it new life by wearing with sequin legging, a collared shirt underneath or to give the look of a skirt, pair with a cropped jumper

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lavish Alice - Wish List

After getting an email from the Lavish Alice newsletter about creating a wish list for an outfit from their website, I decided I'd give it a go!

First of a top! This Coral & White Contrast Long Sleeve Shirt has to be one of my favourites on the website. With the contrasting colours and the pastel coral main body, it makes it the perfect top for both day and night. It can also be dressed up with collar clips or a necklace over.  
Next the bottoms and these Black Tailored Courted Skorts. As they have a tailored fit, I feel like they would go perfect with the shirt as the shirt would look perfect ducked in, maybe with a belt added around to show off my waist more. Also as they are black, they can make any outfit look classy and sophisticated.

A girl can never have too many shoes right?! These Black Suede White Rubber Sole Chunky Block Heel Ankle Boots are exactly what I was looking for. The black links in the skorts and the white sole links in with the white collar and cuffs of the shirt. I love the laces on these ankle boots as most ankle boots I've seen have either buckles or zips. Also I love the chunky heel on these boots, making them easy to walk on all surfaces, even cobbles!

No outfit is complete without the perfect bag and this Teal & Gold Studded Envelope Clutch Bag defiantly fits the bill. The teal colour will contrast well with the coral of the shirt and should look effortless. I personally love the gold stud detail to this, giving it a grunge/rock n roll edge while still looking classy and elegant. Also for fashion week a killer bag is a must have!

I am personally a bit ring lover so when I spotted this on the Lavish Alice website it had to be added! This Double Finger Bow Ring will go perfect with the above outfit, as the shirt and skort have a girly feel to them and this bow ring will cement that! Also the rose gold colour will go great with the gold studs on the bag. For quite a big bow on the ring it isn't over the top.

Well there is my Lavish Alice wish list, oh how I wish this outfit was currently in my wardrobe! Have a go and create your own never know you could get it!

If you like what I have chosen let me know or just any thought you have on it, please leave a comment!
Love Laura xx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Book To Pre-order - The Craft by Lou Teasdale

Finally a book written by a make-up artist/hair stylist that actually looks modern and not a complete bore to read!
Most of these types of book I have looked at/bought have been so hard to read and even harder to follow the so called step-by-step instructions. Also many are only aimed at make-up artists or to those who aspire to be them.

However, just by reading the description on Amazon and looking at the front cover (which is bright, colourful and edgy), The Craft written by Lou Teasdale is going to be the complete opposite! (Wooooo!!)
Stating that it has '25 cool projects to do at home...Lou starts with the basics and shares essential advice...features step-by-step make-up and hair tutorials that are edgy, stylish and fun'. After all this is what make-up and hair should be. FUN!
One of the most important parts of this book description is 'easy-to-follow' which is something that not all these types are books are.

All in all, this sounds like the perfect book for someone who loves make-up and hair and wants to learn how to do things themselves, especially since it is written by someone who works in the industry themselves.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Bring on the 14th April 2014!

Love Laura xx

Link to pre-order on Amazon

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

F.B.L Quick Tip #1

Add contrast to your tough leather skirt by wearing with a knitted jumper in a light shade.
Perfect for these cold winter months while still looking good!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

2-tone Nails

Hey! :)
Here’s an idea for your nails, as everyone knows they can make a real difference to an outfit!
One of my favourite designs for nails is 2-tone.

Choose two strong colours which are in contrast to each other. When doing this design I use Nails Inc nail polish as they only need 1 coat to give your nails a good coverage.
Start painting your nails with the chosen colours alternating each nail then allow to complatly dry.
Then using a post-it note stick it to the bottom half of your nail so that the top half is uncovered, then simply paint on the other nail polish. Then peel off the post-it note and you should be left with a 2-tone nail. Repeat this for every nail.

There you go, you should now have 10 2-tone nails! What do you think?

Lot of love
Laura xx

First Post!

This is the very first post of F.B.L (Fashion.Beauty.Lifestyle)
More post coming soon
Laura xx