Friday, 21 February 2014

Dip - Dye Hair

I thought I’d share with you how to dip dye you own hair.
First of all choose the right lightener for you hair. I use Bblonde Jerome Russell hair lightener.
One the lightener has been mixed, use a tinting brush and put the lightener onto your hair probably about 3-4inch at the bottom.

After you have left the lightener on for the desired amount of time, wash and dry you hair.

Now it’s time for some colour!
Choose you colour – I have always used Directions semi-permanent hair colour, as they have loads of different colours - lots of choice.
Cover all the hair which you have just lightened with the hair colour.
I would leave the colour on for about 30mins, especially if you have dark hair, then simply just wash you hair until the colour stops running out, then just dry and style as normal.

The colour should last about a week depending on how many times you wash it and also how light your hair is/was.

So there you go now go get some colourful hair!

Love Laura xx

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