Sunday, 10 June 2018

Aldi Lacura Eyeshadow Palettes

You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, right? Ok, maybe you can but I'm still going to buy more! This time, I spotted two eyeshadow palettes that look like exact dupes from a high end brand (more on this later) so decided to put them to the test - can you believe these are from Aldi?!


Friday, 1 June 2018

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

As I've said before, I have really pale skin but I honestly quite like it and always have! I have tried fake tan a couple of times and pretty much every time it's gone wrong in some way, from going streaky to just orange - never a good luck! Until recently, I had no idea Rimmel London did fake tan and I was lucky enough to receive 3 of their different formulas to try.