Saturday, 29 August 2015

Jeans Shopping - Make It Easy!

Jeans. A wardrobe essential. Buying them however, normally = nightmare! If you are with the majority of women out there, then you will agree that shopping for jeans is probably the least pleasant experience. It is so hard to find the perfect ones - be it the fit, length or colour and can you leave you mildly frustrated. However, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when shopping for jeans that can hopefully make the whole experience more bearable and successful.

Care for your jeans

Open your mind
Don't just stick to the exact same type/colour you always have. Experiment with different washes, fits and lengths - you never know what might look amazing on until you try it.

Not just the front!
Don't just loo at how the jeans fit at the front, look to the back as this is just as important.

Skinny jeans should be on the tighter size when you are trying them on in the shop. This is because once you get them home and wear them, they will stretch out. You should be slightly uncomfortable when in the shop fitting room.

Shopping for jeans made easy

There are lots of different brands that sell jeans, don't just stick to one brand.

Don't worry too much on the length as jeans can be hemmed or cut raw and have a whole different look to them.

Double Up
Found your perfect pair? Get 2 pairs!

Try It!
ALWAYS try jeans on as every brand is different. (Personally, I would never buy online!)

There, you should now have all the tools you now need for a more enjoyable jeans shopping trip! Are there any other tips you think I should include?

Love Laura x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

F.B.L Quick Tip #28

Put a dab of toothpaste on an angry looking spot and leave to dry
It will help to reduce redness - just make sure you wash it off before you go out!
 toothepaste on spot quick beauty tip


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

LaLaLab Photo Printing

Like most people, I love taking photos and my phone is always full of them, but I very rarely get them printed out - until now! Using the free app LaLaLab (previously Polagram) I was able to print out a few images from my Instagram into a polaroid style print. I am so, so impressed with them! They are printed onto quite thick, high quality photo paper, which is just slightly bigger than a standard polaroid size and each images looks exactly like it does on my phone. Defiantly something I was impressed with, as a lot of images I have had printed before have come back blurry, pixelated and the brightness has obviously been played with, but not with theses!

photo printing app lalalab polagram

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Doll White

As I have said in previous posts, I have never been blessed with pearly whites, so I am always willing to give whitening products a go. This time, I have been trying out Doll White* after been sent them by the company. These are whitening strips you simply stick to your teeth and leave for the amount of time, which is 30mins.

doll white teeth whitening strips review

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

KISS Cosmetics Mini

Mini's are a perfect way to sample a product without having to splash out for the full size and not liking it. (We've all been there!) They are also amazing to take away with you, as they don't take up much room/weight. This is why I was so excited to receive my mini lipstick* from KISS Cosmetics! This is also the first of their products I have been given the chance to test and first impressions are amazing!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

8 Crazy, Amazing Uses For Vaseline

We all have the little pot of Vaseline somewhere, but did you know it can used for more than just to sooth chapped lips? It actually has a number of different uses - from the pretty obvious to the ones that are maybe little different and it is one multipurpose beauty product that isn't just limited to the beauty world.

crazy, amazing uses for vaseline

1. Prep skin for perfume
    Moisturised skin will hold the fragrance better and for longer, so put Vaseline
      on your pulse points before you spritz

2. Eyebrows
    Smooth over to keep those unruly brows in place

3. Remove stains
    Vaseline when used with a damp cloth, can lift makeup stains from clothing
      and other materials

4. Get mess free
    Apply around you hairline when dying a darker colour to help prevent staining
     your skin

5. Customise
    Turn your favourite loose pigment powder into a cream eyeshadow but
      adding a little Vaseline

6. Mascara
    Vaseline can be used instead of mascara when going for the no-makeup-look,
      as it can make your lashes look fuller and glossy. It is can also encourage
    lashes to grow

7. Shoe Polish
    Got a little scuff mark on your shoe? Rub a little Vaseline into the area for a
      polish. It can also be used on other leather items too!

8. DIY lip scrub
    Add some sugar to Vaseline to make your own lip scrub and have super soft
     lips in no time

These are just some of the other things Vaseline can be used for and ones that I personally have found useful. Are there any things you use this for that I haven't included?

Love Laura x

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How-to Style A Sports Shirt

With the football season about the start and most of the new season kits now out, it seems the perfect time to do a 'how-to' style post. It's not just the guys that go to football matches! As I have supported Manchester United since I was a kid (thanks to my Dad), I will be wearing their shirt, but of course use the one from the club you support!
Football and going to watch matches is always mainly seen as a guy's thing to do, but girls enjoy the sport just as much. I have been to quite a few matches at Old Trafford and have always had a good time - the atmosphere is beyond anything else!
There is no reason why sport and fashion can't be combined!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Get Model-Off-Duty Hair

Loose, un-done hair with a carefree vibe is defiantly the trend for SS15 and seen at every catwalk from Chanel to Chloe. This is the hair uniform of the fash pack, with everyone from models and IT girls to editors and also low-key tresses offset casual summer outfits and works amazingly well during the hotter months as it requires very little styling and time to achieve.

The Cut and Colour
Ask your hairdresser for a long layered cut that also frames your face. For the colour, go for naturally-blended balayage around your face and if you want to add a little brightness, go for an ombre as this suits layered hair.

Pat dry freshly washed hair with a towel before rough drying with a hairdryer to give a natural lived-in look. Add waves using a large barrel tong/wand (I use the Tresemme Volume Hair Tong) but leave around the last 2 inches so they look straighter. Remember to curl your hair in both directions to give it an un done effect. If your hair looks to 'done' blast with the hairdryer to separate the curls.