Saturday, 16 September 2017

SEO for Bloggers: The Best SEO Audit Tool for Your Blog

Want to see a surge in online rankings? How about reaching new readers with optimised content? Yes, please! One of the fastest ways to enhance your blog is to conduct an SEO audit, free of charge.

You may think it sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. When it comes to SEO, it’s all about driving traffic from Google. The effort you put into crafting exceptional content should be rewarded in the eyes of search engines, right? You should not cast any assumptions when it comes to the world of search engine optimisation. Digital marketing is changing all the time. What was trending yesterday will be old news today.


So, how do you stay ahead of the competition? The answer is an SEO website audit! 

I spoke to professional SEO experts, Bigfoot Digital, to shed some light on the best SEO audits that identify areas of improvement. They have a free SEO audit tool that offers instant results on all components of optimisation for your blog or website.

Here are the benefits they gave to using a free SEO audit service to boost rankings:

- Instant Results
There’s no guess work when it comes to using an SEO audit tool. What you get is simple, actionable results in seconds. You can spend hours digging into which posts perform best, who clicked on what and when… you get the picture. An SEO auditing tool does the hard work for you.

- Competitor Analysis
How does your website stack up against your online counterparts? In other words, bloggers who write about the same topics as you. A free website audit will identify what you are doing right, and what could be improved to ensure readers stay loyal to your blogging channel.

- Changing Algorithms
Changing algorithms are common practice to ensure users get relevancy for their searches. If your blog attracts readers from organic search, then you need to be on top of your game. These things can bring your blog from position one for to position 100 in a matter of days!

- Focus on quality content
Google, much like your site visitors, is looking for quality, engaging content. Taking a closer look at your website will identify potential issues, such as duplicate content and keyword stuffing, which gets a big red cross from Google. Unique, engaging content that converts well is the goal – isn’t that what everyone wants?!

Image curtsey of Bigfoot Digital

Top tips for successful SEO blogging

Need a fast-track to blogging success? Bigfoot Digital gave us a little extra advice to help bloggers boost rankings. I’m now using all of these and love the results.

Download Moz’s toolbar to track your site performance. Check the domain authority (DA) of your blog and compare with your competitors. Moz is an SEO company, and their score is used by digital marketers to evaluate a website’s SEO. Pay close attention to this when doing competitor research and finding influencers to connect with.

Enter keywords and meta data for all blog posts. Download the ‘Yoast SEO plugin’ for access to improvements and suggestions for ‘Readability’ and ‘SEO’.

Enter blog categories and tags when submitting a post. Structure your blogs with topics that align with specific audience categories. This presents a natural hierarchy with how your blogs connect to one another so you can start the process of interlinking.

Repurpose outdated content to keep your blog relevant to users and increase your rankings. New content is necessary, but it takes more than a couple of posts to rank well. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when re-optimising dead content:

Don’t create a new URL: Many bloggers would create a new page to replace outdated content with a new page to add to that index. Personally, we prefer to replace old content to keep the authority to one page. That URL ranks well for a reason. There’s no reason to create a new one.

Update your keywords: When you optimise, consider keywords that may capture new audiences. The way people search changes every day, so that content may not be optimised to best SEO practices.

Want to get more from SEO? Get in touch with Bigfoot Digital for professional SEO-friendly blogging advice: You can also browse other posts similar to this as I do a lot of blogging tips type posts, from one blogger to another!  

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  1. This is very helpful! I hadn't thought about conducting an SEO audit until I read this post. I am going to look into the Moz tool bar right away .

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  5. Gratitude for sharing this post about SEO for bloggers. I am truly very happy to find these tips. Actually I am also a newbie blogger and will need to learn these skills for promotion of the blog. Along with SEO I have just decided to learn the Google Adwords Marketing as well. Do you have any guide for that?

  6. Yeah, SEO audit is always necessary to create a right plan that works best for your brand. You need to conduct the research to find best keywords and then have to check whether the website content and tags need any improvement or not as per those keywords. I am running the SEO and Adwords Marketing campaign on my own for the blog so have learned the advance skills.

  7. I didn't know repurposing old content can make such a change. I'll try to implement that without changing the URL. Thanks for the tips! ❤

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