Sunday, 22 April 2018

Being Body Confident With UK Lingerie

I've never been someone who has been confident or unconfident in how my body looks, I always just sort of accepted it as it is. Of course, there are parts that I like more than others (who doesn't?) and parts I wish I could change especially when I was younger with the main thing having tiny boobs - a firm member of the itty bitty titty group here! However I have grown to like them and embrace them and with the help of UK Lingerie, feel confident enough to show me on both my blog and social media.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

New #PixiPretties Range | Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty have recently collaborated with 3 amazing beauty bloggers/youtubers to create their own products and they will leave you blushing and glowing from dawn till dusk! As you know if you regularly read my blog and/or follow me on social media, you'll know that Pixi is one of my all time favourite brands so I've really enjoyed using all of these.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Biscoff & Chocolate Chip Pastry Plait

Baking with pastry not only makes something absolutely delicious, it can also be incredibly quick and easy especially if you cheat a little an use ready made pastry! While I can make it, it's so much quicker to use when all you have to do it roll it out. I also love Biscoff spread and chocolate, so why no combine them all together to create a Biscoff & Chocolate Chip Pastry Plait.


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Get To Know Me Tag

Can you believe I've been doing YouTube nearly a year and I still haven't shared that much about me, other than my love of makeup/recreating weird looks! I've been wanting to do this tag for so long, but I've always ended up being distracted by filming something else so it was high time that changed!