Sunday, 22 April 2018

Being Body Confident With UK Lingerie

I've never been someone who has been confident or unconfident in how my body looks, I always just sort of accepted it as it is. Of course, there are parts that I like more than others (who doesn't?) and parts I wish I could change especially when I was younger with the main thing having tiny boobs - a firm member of the itty bitty titty group here! However I have grown to like them and embrace them and with the help of UK Lingerie, feel confident enough to show me on both my blog and social media.


How gorgeous are both of these?! Janira is the brand of the bodysuit and honestly, this is the comfiest one I have ever worn as the main material feels a little like lycra but not as thick which makes it so soft. The tulle used is also so comfortable on your skin (not itchy in the slightest) and looks so flattering where it's been used. This is what helps it look amazing on and definitely give the body confidence you need, especially since the material gives enough stretch that you can wear it with or without a bra. This goes along with the fact that everything is covered but the tulle gives a little bit of sexiness to it.

The lingerie set if from Lepel London and I just love how comfy this is! Obviously, being on the smaller side bralettes are something I tend to gravitate towards as I don't need the support but because the band is quite wide, it is a little supportive. The lace is so gorgeous with the flower design and with the triangle going slightly rouched at the top, it looks flattering if your smaller like me. To me, red has always seemed a 'confident' colour to wear and, until recently, it wasn't a colour I would choose but I love how bright this red is and how it looks against my pale skin.


As for anything, confidence has to come from within, but I always feel it helps if you feel good in what you're wearing even if that's what's underneath in the form of gorgeous lingerie! Both of these made me feel so confident, especially the red set, that I've been able to post them on here and on my social media.

Do you agree that good lingerie can make you feel good about yourself?

Love Laura x

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  1. For sure nice lingerie can help you to feel more confident, I think that anything that makes you feel more confident is awesome :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. These are such cute sets, and you look lovely in them! I do think pretty underwear can give you a little boost in confidence!

    Grace x