Saturday, 27 September 2014

F.B.L Quick Tip #18

Put Vaseline around your nails before using polish
This will stop it sticking to your skin, making your nail look clean and tidy


Monday, 15 September 2014

Diamond Doll

Most people concentrate on mainly the clothes and shoes at a fashion show, but I love to look at the nail art. One of my favourite looks from New York Fashion Week was from the Libertine show. Models were sent down the runway with some serious sparkle on their nails! This look may be a bit OTT for everyday where, but I was so inspired by this I created this 'dipped in diamonds' nail art which is so easy to recreate.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Get The Grunge Out

Crop tops have been popular for a while now and there are so many different styles you can adopt - from fitted to baggy and strappy to more covered up. One of my favourite places at the moment for crops is H&M, which is where I found this little beauty.

This is something a little more grungy than I would normally choose but this is probably what drew me to it! Although it looks like it is made from denim, it is actually only made from a cotton like material meaning it is light, comfortable and not too warm to wear. It is a crop top after all! The black acid wash is so amazing and adds to the grungy/rock chick vibe. I also love that the buttons are just plain black matte so they don't stand out or draw attention. With the buttons on the front, it adds the sex appeal which this top has. It is quite low cut and does have thin-ish straps, but it is not 'cheap' looking when on (at least I hope not!) and easy to wear. I have worn this with both shorts (which can be seen in the back of the image) and also with a high-waisted skater skirt. I LOVE this top and finding new outfit combinations with it - the colour means it goes with anything!

What do you think and is it something you would wear?

Love Laura xx

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reverse Hair Washing

My hair natural hair is frizzy. And flyaway. And untameable. I have tried every 'frizz-free' shampoo, condition, serum I can find and nothing seems to make it completely disappear. Along with the frizz, I have to deal with my hair getting greasy the day after it has been washed, meaning I have to wash my hair at least every other day. No fun in all this right? Well, I may have found a solution - reverse hair washing!

This is essentially conditioning your hair first and then shampooing. Sounds completely crazy I know but it does seems to work. This method is ideal for people who have either thin, limp hair or frizzy, as you are washing out nearly all the conditioner so it wont weigh it down or make it go greasy too quickly. As the hair is lighter without any residue of conditioner, it looks like it has more volume, glossier and most importantly for me - frizz-free! After using this method for a week, my hair feels so much more healthy and silky but without the grease. Even other people have been noticing and I have been asked countless times which salon I had been too!

Used the reverse hair washing method, then blow dried around a large barrel brush.

The reverse hair washing method is something I would recommend everyone to at least try and it could make such a difference to your hair. Please bear in mind, it doesn't work on everyone as everyone's hair is different!

Have your tried this method and does it work for your hair?

Love Laura xx