Sunday, 14 September 2014

Get The Grunge Out

Crop tops have been popular for a while now and there are so many different styles you can adopt - from fitted to baggy and strappy to more covered up. One of my favourite places at the moment for crops is H&M, which is where I found this little beauty.

This is something a little more grungy than I would normally choose but this is probably what drew me to it! Although it looks like it is made from denim, it is actually only made from a cotton like material meaning it is light, comfortable and not too warm to wear. It is a crop top after all! The black acid wash is so amazing and adds to the grungy/rock chick vibe. I also love that the buttons are just plain black matte so they don't stand out or draw attention. With the buttons on the front, it adds the sex appeal which this top has. It is quite low cut and does have thin-ish straps, but it is not 'cheap' looking when on (at least I hope not!) and easy to wear. I have worn this with both shorts (which can be seen in the back of the image) and also with a high-waisted skater skirt. I LOVE this top and finding new outfit combinations with it - the colour means it goes with anything!

What do you think and is it something you would wear?

Love Laura xx


  1. Nice!

    1. this top is awsome!!:D
      and gooood! i love ur body!


    2. Thank you and yeah this top is one of my favourites!

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