Monday, 15 September 2014

Diamond Doll

Most people concentrate on mainly the clothes and shoes at a fashion show, but I love to look at the nail art. One of my favourite looks from New York Fashion Week was from the Libertine show. Models were sent down the runway with some serious sparkle on their nails! This look may be a bit OTT for everyday where, but I was so inspired by this I created this 'dipped in diamonds' nail art which is so easy to recreate.

All the nail varnishes have used are by Barry M. These are so affordable and super long lasting, with so many different colours and effects to chose from.

  1. First do a clear base coat. This will protect your nails and also give a nice shine - perfect for this look as half your nail is bare.
  2. Using a thin nail brush, dip it in the silver nail varnish and draw a curve across the diagonal of your nail and fill in.
  3. Coat the silver varnish with a layer of gold
  4. Use a nail dotter (or an old ballpoint pen) and dip it in the black nail varnish and black dots along the outer edge of where the silver/gold nail varnish is.
  5. Finish off with another coat of clear nail varnish to lock in the design.

This is a super easy design to do but it looks even more amazing than some more complicated designs. Plus, who doesn't want a bit of #NYFW on their nails?!

Love Laura x


  1. Very cute nail art!

  2. I am going to follow these instructions!
    I love this design :D


    1. It's super easy to do let me know how you get on :)
      Laura x