Saturday, 8 August 2015

8 Crazy, Amazing Uses For Vaseline

We all have the little pot of Vaseline somewhere, but did you know it can used for more than just to sooth chapped lips? It actually has a number of different uses - from the pretty obvious to the ones that are maybe little different and it is one multipurpose beauty product that isn't just limited to the beauty world.

crazy, amazing uses for vaseline

1. Prep skin for perfume
    Moisturised skin will hold the fragrance better and for longer, so put Vaseline
      on your pulse points before you spritz

2. Eyebrows
    Smooth over to keep those unruly brows in place

3. Remove stains
    Vaseline when used with a damp cloth, can lift makeup stains from clothing
      and other materials

4. Get mess free
    Apply around you hairline when dying a darker colour to help prevent staining
     your skin

5. Customise
    Turn your favourite loose pigment powder into a cream eyeshadow but
      adding a little Vaseline

6. Mascara
    Vaseline can be used instead of mascara when going for the no-makeup-look,
      as it can make your lashes look fuller and glossy. It is can also encourage
    lashes to grow

7. Shoe Polish
    Got a little scuff mark on your shoe? Rub a little Vaseline into the area for a
      polish. It can also be used on other leather items too!

8. DIY lip scrub
    Add some sugar to Vaseline to make your own lip scrub and have super soft
     lips in no time

These are just some of the other things Vaseline can be used for and ones that I personally have found useful. Are there any things you use this for that I haven't included?

Love Laura x


  1. vaseline is the best

  2. I've never considered it as something that could hold a scent for longer, I'll definitely have to look into it and give it a go.

    1. The oil in it helps to 'stick' to the scent particles to make it last longer
      L x

  3. very usefull post! xx

    Tajaljeh //

  4. I would never have thought to use it on stains, excellent tip! xo

  5. I never knew it could remove stain, that's so interesting! Good tip about the eyebrows too :)

    Cathy |

    1. Yeah it actually works and for your eyebrows, glad you found it helpful :)