Friday, 1 June 2018

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

As I've said before, I have really pale skin but I honestly quite like it and always have! I have tried fake tan a couple of times and pretty much every time it's gone wrong in some way, from going streaky to just orange - never a good luck! Until recently, I had no idea Rimmel London did fake tan and I was lucky enough to receive 3 of their different formulas to try.



The only type of fake tan I've used before is mousse and while it is quite easy to use, I still end up making it got streaky somehow, but I do love how quick it dries. The Rimmel Self Tan Mousse in Light is the one I tried and while it does try very quickly meaning you have to work fast, this is the first mousse tan than didn't go ridiculously streaky on me. The light shade works so well for pale skin to get a natural looking tan and a little bit of a glow as you don't want a full matte tan. It doesn't look like much colour when you first apply it but as it develops it does go darker.

The Instant Tan is perfect for a one day event, hence the reason this one is my favourite of the three! As it does wash off with soap, if you go wrong somewhere then its easy to get off and start again and, like I said, perfect for if you only want a an for one day. It blended into my skin so easily and dried almost instantly which makes it so quick to use. The one thing I found is that it does 'sink' into your skin so make sure it's well moisturised before applying.

Lastly, the Self Tan Lotion With Chia Oil is definitely the most moisturising on the skin and has the nicest smell! For me, I didn't like the colour as much as the other two but it still looked pretty natural, just a little more orange based. I think it looks more like this because I'm so pale naturally, so maybe if you have a dark skin tone than me, it would look so much better!

Have you ever tried any of these Rimmel tans and also, what is you all time favourite fake tan to use?
Love Laura x

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  1. I have never tried Rimmel tan products as I usually head straight towards the st moriz tanning mousse as it works best for me. Though it does come out a little orange which is annoying! Since being on holiday however, I'm going to be trying out sunbeds soon to see if that provides a better tan! Great review post by the way :) 🌺