Thursday, 8 May 2014

Veet #feelfemmefatale

Veet is one of my personal favourite hair removal creams, as they are so easy and quick to use and actually do they job they are intended for! I generally stick to the creams and wax strips for sensitive skin as they defiantly suit my skin better than those for normal skin types. They also probably smell the best of all of the hair removal creams there are, but are course they don't smell brilliant but it does they job! The sensitive skin creams contain Aloe Vera and vitamin E, which are both known for soothing. This means when using this cream your are not only left with smooth, but silk like skin.

Image via Veet website
Their website is also full of useful tips on how to use each of their products. It is also full of information for first time users. This is something that is so helpful and I think many more other product websites should contain this.

As I am user of Veet products, I was so excited when I saw they were holding a competition called #FeelFemmeFatale. This is to encourage woman to show of their inner femme fatale. For anyone who isn't aware a femme fatale is confident and captivating, also seen as seductive and mysterious. Also known for showing of that oh-so-silky leg. For Veet's competition they are asking to upload your best femme fatale photo and have to opportunity to have a photoshoot in Paris and to seen on a Parisian billboard. Also each week, a photo is chosen for a gift box reward. This is something I knew I had to enter so I uploaded one of my photos that I feel is femme fatale but maybe slightly different. I would love it if you could all click the link below and then 'like' on my photo and hopefully get me to Paris!

Thank you in advance!

Love Laura xx

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