Monday, 7 July 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips

After seeing these in so many shops, I finally decided to invest in some of Maybelline's 'famous' Baby Lips lip balm collection.

I love the packaging - it is so bright and eye catching making it something you will love seeing either in your makeup bag or on your bedroom top. It is a little on the childlike side, but so cute you will love it regardless! What surprised me with these is how soft and liquid like they are for a hard balm, as I expected it to tug at my lips when applying but it was the complete opposite. These balms simply slide on effortlessly and are not too thick or too thin.

My favourite part of these balms is the inclusion of SPF 20. This is such a great thing to include, as your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your face and are prone to getting burnt and chapped. Personally, this is great for me as I spend a great deal of my time outside in all weathers.

Pink Punch is a great 'Barbie' pink that isn't too overpowering, meaning it can be used instead of a lipstick. However, if you are using a matte lipstick, it looks good over the top to create a gloss. It has a subtle strawberry sent which is lovely, but not too much.

Cherry Me is quite a tinted balm and comes out more red than it looks in the tube. The more you build up of this balm the more of pigment will show on your lips. It also defiantly has the cherry fragrance the name promises!

Peach Kiss is a nude shade that does have a slight shimmer to it which does show up on your lips. I have also worn this balm as a primer for some lipsticks, or over the top for the shimmer effect. The scent is amazing, almost good enough to eat, it smells exactly like sweet peaches!

I love these 3 lip balms from the collection and they all do give the 'Baby Lips' effect when applied. This is because they make any lines on your lips magically disappear! My lips felt more hydrate when applied but I don't feel they gave anywhere near the 8 hours hydration it is said they do. However, I will defiantly be buying these again, as I love how each look on my lips!

Have you tried these lip balms and what do you think of them?

Love Laura xx


  1. Great review
    Thanks for sharing this
    Love the colors, and you are so right SPF is so important specially for the lips, because they are very sensitive
    Great blog and post

    1. Thank you ad yes so important! So many people forget about this!
      Laura x