Saturday, 4 February 2017

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Range

The one thing I'm making a real effort with this year is skincare and while my routine isn't bad, there is definite room for improvement! For me, the two most important items for my skin are both cleanser and toner and this is where Mary Kay comes in with the Botanical Effects Skincare Range.

If you haven't previously heard of Mary Kay, make sure you head over to my other post of their makeup range, which also gives you a bit of background on the brand itself - make sure you read this post first though!  
Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleansing Gel *
The one problem I have when choosing a cleanser is that a lot contain oil and, as I have naturally oily, sensitive and spot prone skin, this only makes it 100x worse. However, this cleansing gel is oil-free and has been tested for skin allergies/irritants, making it perfect for my skin type. It removes excess oil without completely stripping your skin or leaving it tight or dry and instead leaves it feeling refreshed and moisturised. The formula contains dragon fruit and aloe extracts, which are natural antioxidants and also help your skin to repair damage as well as been soothing.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Refreshing Toner *
This contains pretty much the same ingredients as the cleansing gel, just with the added witch hazel - a known way to help fight inflammatory, e.g. spots as it helps to reduce the redness and size but doesn't dry the skin out. This toner helps to remove excess oil and control shine while leaving skin looking and feeling soft and healthy. I have also found that makeup applies a lot easier and doesn't sink into pores quite as much, meaning I don't have to have quite as thick a base.

Both of these products from the Botanical Range have helped my skin not only clear up more, but also left it feeling so soft and healthy looking. They also only have a slight scent, which is quite fruity and I'm guessing comes from the dragon fruit extract. The packaging is also beautiful - the white with pink and green is a gorgeous combination and makes it look very fresh, which links in with the products themselves. Each comes with a leaflet which says exactly what is in the product and also how it has been test - dermatology if you were wondering!

If you are after a new skincare brand and have oily skin, them I would definitely recommend that you have a look at the Botanical range from Mary Kay, as they have a huge selection to create a full routine with, or just use one or two products.

Love Laura x

*PR/brand sample
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  1. I was using bits and bobs from Mary Kay as well, but then I ran out of them and forgot to buy new ones, wow, need to get my hand on them!

    Karolina Žalaitė,

    1. How good are they?! I love using these products so would definitely recommend you re buying them!