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Dress Codes Explained

Having a party/event invitation drop though the letter box is an amazing feeling, until you see the dress code - creative black tie or festive etc - and your more confused than excited. In fact you feel it would have been better if the invitation hadn't said a thing! However there are perfect explanations behind each and every one of these different dress code ideas.

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Dress Code - Black Tie
The best way to look at this is to try think about what the host will wear. This may be slightly harder if you don't actually know the host! Therefore think as formal as you can. This will mainly include a floor length dress that is not too 'sexy' although a thigh height split dress is acceptable. For men this code is simple - wear a tuxedo complete with bow tie.

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Dress Code - Black Tie Optional
One of the slightly more confusing dress codes as it does give the option to dress a little more casual. This can mean anything from a floor length gown to a cocktail dress. However, this is still a formal event you are attending. I personally wouldn't wear anything dress length shorter than three-quarter. For men either a tuxedo or a dark suit and tie.

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Dress Code - Creative Black Tie
This is defiantly one of the more confusing dress codes but it does allow you to have a little more fun! This code means you can make your look less serious so feel free to include brighter colours and maybe a little embellishment. This code can also be called trendy black tie and can sometimes be included in a theme but just as a smart way to do this. For men, this can mean you can wear a dark suit or maybe add a splash of colour with a red bowtie.

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Dress Code - Cocktail
Time to get those short dresses out! Just make sure they are party ready - this can still be seen as a formal event. This means not showing too much skin or anything that is covered in glitter/sequins. For the boys, a dark suit with a tie is acceptable.

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Dress Code - Festive
This code normally only comes around near the festive/holiday season and is actually one of the most fun. This code can vary greatly depending on the host, but mainly it is similar to a cocktail dress code just with a festive twist. This is the perfect time to get out that sequin party dress! Boys, get out that festive-theme tie you have hidden at the back of the wardrobe!

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Dress Code - Business Formal
Normally saved for work lunches and conference meetings and calls for either a three-quarter length tailored dress or a pant suit. This means wearing something that is both formal but slightly dressy. For men, a suit and tie.

Dress Code - Smart Casual
This just means wearing a slightly more dressy version of you casual/everyday look. For example some smart jeans paired with some dressy heels and a blazer. Boys, pair your jeans with a smart shirt and a suit jacket.

Dress Code - Casual
Anything goes with this dress code! This means you can wear your most comfortable outfit - jeans and converse anyone?

I hope that if you now get an invitation with a dress code you will know exactly what you should and shouldn't wear. Also, the most important thing to remember is to have fun whatever your wearing and to make sure your personality shines though!

Love Laura xx

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