Thursday, 13 March 2014

All Those Heels

When it comes to buying new heels there is so much choice, making it increasingly hard to find exactly what you are looking for. What colour? Strap style? Heel type? Height? These are just some of the questions that enter you head when heel shopping, or even just selecting shoes for an event! 

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High heels first became a fashion in the late 1500s by the soon-to-be Queen of France, as she was competing with a mistress who was slightly taller. Therefore she created a pair of 2inch high heels which gave her an alluring sway and noticeable posture changes, asw ell as the obvious height. As with anything royalty seemed to do, it became a ''hit'' with the privileged and centuries later it's still here ''kicking''....quite literally.

Heel height by your heel experience -

Beginner - (low chunky heels, boots with low heels, wedges)
These types of heels are relatively easy to walk in especially boots. This is because boots hug and support your ankle making walking comfortable, even with the heel. However they are not particularly formal, so for this type of event you may have to forfeit comfort and take a risk!

Intermediate - (kitten heels, block heels with straps, medium height heels with a platform)
These heels will make your walk slower and each step more attentive, but they are still achievable even if you are a flats type of girl. However they will give your walk a slight sway!

Advanced (thin high heels with or without straps and/or a platform)
Practice makes perfect. The more you wear this type of heel, the more natural will feel and also your walk will look more graceful and have the 'sway' that only high heels can help you achieve.

Expert (sky high heels)
Only the brave and experienced high heel walker should attempt these heels! It is an art to be able to walk in around 12cm heel with no platform and being able to balance your entire body weight on an inch square. Take care when wearing these, however good they may look!

What shoes for what type of event -

White tie - This type of event is extremely formal and defiantly not the time to go experimenting. Only closed toe heels should be worn and should generally be made from leather or a satin type material. The heel height should be small and preferably no platform - think of the sort of shoes you may see members of the royal family wearing.

Black tie - This is still quite a formal event, but no where near as restricting as white tie. This means that, as long as your heels complement your dress, any can be worn within reason. Also, pretty much any colour is acceptable too! Look at the shoes you may see people wearing to a red carpet event. 

To most other events, such as dates, weddings, family events/dinners most heels will be acceptable to wear. However, in my opinion heels that are higher than 13cm and have a massive chunky platforms (nice way of saying stripper heels?) are highly inappropriate at pretty much any time.

Are you a high heel fan? What are your favourites?

Love Laura xx

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