Sunday, 9 March 2014

More Awake With No Makeup

We all know about the many tricks to appear more awake using all different types of makeup and skin care products, but how about looking more awake without the makeup? Sound impossible? It's not! It is also easy to do everyday, meaning those few extra mins in bed! Also means you can face the world bare faced - no need to hide however much you may feel like it.

1. Get moving as soon as you wake up
As horrible as it may sound, getting up that hour or two earlier and heading to the gym or just for a run can actually do wonders for your body and skin. Exercising first thing in the morning wakes up your entire body after being relatively still for a long period of time, which sends a 'we're up' message to your brain. It gets your blood pumping and gives you a natural rosy glow therefore making you look more awake.

2. Ice cold water or spoons
As soon as you get up, splash your face with ice cold water. It shocks your brain and opens eyes. Feeling brave? Switch your shower to cold for 10 seconds before you get put for the same effect. If your feel like your eyes are quite puff, stick 2 spoons in the freezer and lay them over your eyes for a cool, de-puffing natural fix.

3. Earrings
When getting ready in the morning choose a pair of statement earrings which have soft coloured gems/stones. (emerald, turquoise, or amethyst) These will take any unwanted attention away from those tired eyes and will also reflect onto your skin and eyes, making you look more awake.

4. Put down the phone before bed
According to research, those who spend around 2hours before bed looking at a device using an LED display, generally had a dip in melatonin levels. Melatonin is a chemical which induces sleep, so those with a decrease in this have a harder time getting to sleep.

5. Citrus fruit
Citrus foods are packed full of vitamin C which increases energy levels and alertness, meaning they are perfect for first thing in the morning. Even if your not a fan of eating citrus just smelling it can work, as it will shake up you senses.

6. Dark sunglasses
If you feel and look more asleep than awake, dark sunglasses are you new best friend. They prevent you for squinting and tearing up at the bright light outside, as well as hiding those puffy eyes from the world.

Remember your skin will thank you for not caking it in loads of different products as it allows it to breathe. Who needs makeup?!

Love Laura xx


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    1. Thanks! They really do help and your pores will thank you for it!
      Laura x