Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Be A Versace Babe

Modern day sex appeal - what is it? The answer may change more times than you care to remember, but at Versace, swinging hair and dark, smouldering eyes are top of the list. Here are five of the 'rules' to remember to rock this look. (It's a lot more wearable than you may think!)

Photo by Kevin Tachman

Never leave the house with less than 3
Coats of mascara that is. The bigger and darker the pigment, the thicker lashes will look and will add to the 'sexiness'.

Black kohl pencil is mandatory
Every season the Versace models walk with a new take on smoky eye. To create, line both upper and lower lashes with the darkest black kohl you can find. It makes things tougher and sharper and brings out the colour of your eyes. If you don't like using pencils, eyeshadow on and angled brush works just as well!

Keep something plain
Make sure some part of your look is keep low-key such as having a nude lip. This stops it looking too much and keeps with the un-done feel of things.

Un-done longer hair
Think bed head. Create by loosely curling hair in different directions then pulling out and adding a little salt spray. Don't worry about it looking messy - it's the whole idea.

Before you leave, take something off - doesn't apply here
This old fashion saying doesn't apply to this look - you defiantly want to stand out!

Is this a look you would wear?
Love Laura x


  1. love all these pieces but I don't think I'd wear them together

    1. Yeah they can be a bit extreme if your not used to it!
      L x

  2. Love this! I like to experiment so I would definetly try this look out!

    1. Have to let me know how you get on!
      L x

    2. Oooh great post, defo love this look! And yes lashings of mascara and kohl are always a must! :)

      Heather Xx