Saturday, 5 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Purple Lipstick

Lipstick is defiantly one of my makeup essentials - to me, the correct colour/finish can make your lips stand out and can just 'finish' off your outfit. So, with this in mind, I am always on the lookout for new colours to try, as it is the one part of my makeup I like to make bold at times! Therefore, I was so excited to see this purple lipstick from Makeup Revolution when I was last in Superdrug. The shade is called 'Depraved' and is from their 'Amazing lipstick' collection which is also part of the 'scandalous lipstick' pack.

I have previously done a post on purple lipstick here (was one of my first posts!), but this is a completely different shade - a lot more purple. While it does feel slightly oily when applying, after blotting and reapplying it doesn't look it and does completely cover your lips without being blotchy. You can also put some translucent powder over the top to achieve a matte finish of this is what you prefer without it drying out your lips - I have to say this is what I personally do, as I prefer that finish.

What makes this lipstick even more amazing is the price £1! It has such a high quality formula for the price - I would happily pay more. The tube doesn't look cheap at all, although I would prefer it without the colour shown on the end as I feel it would make it look for high end.

I would defiantly recommend having a look at Makeup Revolution as they have such a huge makeup range which also have shades that you may not normally find in a high-street beauty brand.

Love Laura x


  1. killin it! love it

  2. I've got this lipstick in this exact shade and I love it!!
    Charlotte //