Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Methods of Motivation

Having the motivation to workout, especially when it's cold/raining/windy/other horrible weather, it can be hard to come by and I get asked so many times for tips and tricks, so I though I would share a few of them with you. Bare in mind, I'm not a personal trainer or life coach or anything like that but these are the things I swear by!


If you are serious about improving both your health and fitness you are going to need a shed load of energy to do so! Aim to get around 8 hours of sleep per night and that way you will wake up feeling energized and ready for a work out. Chances are you will be a lot less sluggish and grumpy for being well rested, meaning you can make the most of the day. This also goes for not having continuous late nights and then having a lie-in. If you are the type to hit the snooze button, put your alarm out of arms reach - this way you will have to get up anyway to turn it off!

Set Goals
Have goals so you have something to aim for, be it a 10k run or to be able to do 50 squats without stopping. Set smaller goals that lead up to the main one and write them down and stick them somewhere you look every day - near a mirror is my go to place. While looking at and following fitness bloggers/models can be good for motivation, don't make them a goal. Everyone's body is completely different and no one is going to look the same as someone else, no matter how much you work out.

Move Indoors
When the weather is not at it's best, move your work out indoors and keep both warm and dry. There are so many routines you can do, even if you have limited space and it's a great way to keep motivated and still keep going. After all, who is going to have motivation when it's pouring it down outside?!

Move Over Excuses
Give over with the excuses and get on with it! May sound a little blunt I admit but its the truth! Don't think that just because the weather is bad or a little cold that its an excuse to not do a work out, just move it indoors or brave the weather. Yes, you may feel a bit 'bleh' at first, but once you've worked out you will feel amazing - honest!

Switch It Up
Don't do the same work out routine every time, mix it up! Not only will this keep you motivated to carry on but will also make sure you work every muscle in your body and it doesn't become 'immune' to certain moves.

Have Fun
This is one of the most important forms of motivation - if you have fun, you'll want to do it all over again! Don't think that you only have to stick to one exercise, mix it up and find ones that you enjoy, such as switching a treadmill for a run around a national park or go and play a sport you enjoy rather than being stuck in a gym.

I don't know about you, but if I have a good playlist it keeps me going while working out and you can even match your movements to the beat. Create a playlist or your favourite, high tempo tracks to keep you motivated (and also to sing along to) and give you the energy you need.

Get Together
Who is going to get your more motivated than a friend?! Doing a workout with someone you know well is so much fun and if things don't go so well, you'll have some to laugh at it with. Also, doing something such a going for a run on your own can seem a little lonely, but with a friend, you can gossip as you go.

How to you keep motivated when working out and would you like to know my workout playlist?
Love Laura x


  1. Great post - most people think they struggle with working out because they don't have time when in reality it is because they don't have the motivation to.

    Emma |

    1. Yes that is so true but most people don't know the difference. If you have motivation you can make the time

  2. Great tips I find it hard to motivate myself sometimes.

    1. I think a lot of people struggle with motivation but these tips really do help!

  3. I love this post! I think my favourite point is have fun! excercise isn't meant to be a chore :) xx

    1. Exactly! You get more from exercising when you're having fun rather than hating that time of the day