Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Being A Blogger | Part Two

Here is part two of 'Being A Blogger' with some more of those common things us bloggers normally get up to!


- 'Super' becomes your most used word - even if you never say it in 'real-life'

- You end up chatting more to fellow bloggers online than anyone face-to-face

- So many accessorises!

- You will forget to charge your camera the day you have a lot planned/going to an event

- You will want every image to look Pinterest or Tumblr worthy

- Every social media app will have downloaded onto your phone

- Before going anywhere, you have to make sure they have Wi-Fi

- No such thing as a 'freebie', you have to do the work!

- Not everyone will understand what blogging is and why you love it so much

- So many emails!

- Even if half of them are from PR's trying to get you to write about tires/supermarkets/something else unrelated to your blog

- Loads of deliveries!

- You end up spending a lot of time on trains - especially if you don't live in/near London

- Having your nails painted becomes the norm - they have to look amazing when being photographed holding those products!

- Your appreciate the weather/seasons so much more - think of all the photos you can take in the sun!

- Brunch becomes a thing

- You will have tried every restaurant in your nearest city

- Never leave a beauty store with a clean hand/arm again

- You might even make best friends for life!

Make sure you catch Part One and if there is anything you think I've missed off, please leave them in the comments. If there are enough I may do another part!
Love Laura x


  1. Loads of deliveries! Oh yes, this part I am totally agreeing with

    1. Might as well leave the door open at times!

  2. I am still fairly new to this thing, but I can't wait for some of these things to happen. :)

    1. I'm sure most of these will be happening to you soon lovely!

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    1. haha same here and the reality of being a blogger isn't always what people think!