Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Blogger Beauty School With The Training Room

As a beauty blogger, you are always thinking about how you can learn more and improve your skills with a makeup brush. I know I certainly am and have thought numerous times about taking a beauty course to learn more and also turn it into a career and I was lucky enough to be invited along to a taster day with The Training Room at the beautiful Midland Hotel, Manchester.


I can't believe how many tips and trick I learn in a couple of hours and it certainly shows that if you want a career in beauty/makeup, then training is essential! There are so many misconceptions about beauty courses, the main one being that they are easy and don't require many skills, but this is so far from the truth. I learn just how much you need science as you need to know all about skin, why it does what it does and also the names and uses of ingredients in products, as everyone's skin is completely different.

Photo via The Training Room Leeds Facebook

One of the skills I was excited to learn about was contouring, as it is something I still haven't go the hang of! The instructor from The Training Room showed us all how to do it correctly ( I wasn't the only one unsure - phew!) and made each step so easy to understand and follow - exactly what you want if you're taking the course! Of course, we were all given a bit of makeup in different shades so we could give it a go ourselves and I was actually able to do it and while it was subtle, it's there I think it helped that we used a cream formula rather than a powder, which is what I have tried with before - something I need to invert in!

Some of the other little tips I picked up are hat you should start using anti-ageing products from the age of 25, when applying blush, do it from the outside of your face inwards so there isn't too much product in one place. My favourite tip, use the side of your brush to pick up product from the pan, as it gets more without ruining and splitting then ends of your brush fibres.

The Training Room's beauty courses run for 6 weeks and in this time you learn everything you would if you have taken the same thing at a college, so it means a lot of hard work but they have a huge success rate of students who know work in the beauty industry. I learn so much in a couple of hours so imagine what you learn in 6 weeks?! It was also such a good event because it was small, so it gave us all a chance to chat and be able to ask questions - exactly that you want to be honest. Oh and how can I forget the location of the Midland Hotel - the marble walls were so instagramable and the food was so tasty, even if the chips did taste a little sugary? Anyway, if you are after a beauty course, then this is one school I would definitely recommend you have a look at.

Have you ever done a beauty course and what did you learn?
Love Laura x


  1. That's great that you picked up so many tips. I need something like this, as I am useless.

    1. It was so helpful and I'm the same, my makeup skills could definetly do with some improvement!

  2. Looks like a really beneficial course to do if you're into beautiful skills!

    Oliver x

  3. I always use the side of my brushes, but never knew it actually helped! Loved this post x