Sunday, 4 September 2016

Back To School/College/Uni

Well the holidays are now at an end and if you are getting ready to go back to school/college or uni, you must be buying things right? Or are you more of a rush round at last minute type of person? Nothing wrong with being either in my opinion, but there are a few things that absolute must haves when you are going back and may make it slightly more bearable!

How pretty are all the note books?! You can never have too many of them, even if you aren't at school/college/uni. I think that goes for the bags, umbrella (how cute is the print on that?!), purse, watch and technology items such as the gorgeous Coca Cola phone case from Skinny Dip - one of my favourite places to buy cases anyway!

Is there anything that is a must have for when you go back to school, college or uni?
Love Laura x

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  1. Perfect items! Love your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  2. You're totally right, those notebooks are soo cute!
    The one thing I always buy in "back-to-school" time is a calendar planner. Life is so much easier with that. I actually always have one for my reading/blogging and another one for my everyday life obligations.

    1. They are the cutest and j just want them all! That's such a good idea, I never thought to include one!