Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Body Shop Mini Shower Gels

The Body Shop always has amazing skincare products that are not only so good for your skin, they also smell almost good enough to eat! As I have an account with them (does that tell you how much I buy?!) they very kindly gave me a £5 voucher for my birthday, so of course I had to treat myself to a little something!


After a long look through their site, I eventually decided on 3 of the 60ml shower gels in the scents Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Satsuma. I have always been so happy with the shower gels I've used from The Body Shop before as I find they suit my skin well and the scents are always incredible, but these were three I hadn't used before. All three contain the essence of the main ingredient, for example, in the mango shower gel, it contains mango essence. I think this makes each one have a much stronger scent which lasts on your skin.

As they are all soap free, you don't have to worry about them drying your skin out - in fact it is left feeling super moisturised and soft, without any residue left behind. Saying this, it still foams up well and you can still feel it cleaning your skin. As it is quite a thick formula, a little goes a long way so even these small 60ml bottles will last a while!


If you are more of an morning shower person, I would highly recommend both the Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma scents as they both smell so fresh and zesty! They really wake you up and refresh your scents, making you ready to face the day. While the Mango is still a fresh scent, I would use this more in an evening - there is something relaxing about the scent of mango to me.

The size of these is only 60ml, so they are perfect for if you are travelling which is also part of the reason I bought them as I am trying to plan a few trips away this year. They are also an amazing way to test out a few different scents - they are only £2 each so it's not like you would be wasting a load of money if you decided you didn't like it!

Have you tried these shower gels from The Body Shop and what is your favourite scent?
Love Laura x


  1. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! and yaas good choices!! I spent my £5 on shower gels too but I got two of the Winter specials :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Satsuma scent! Happy birthday :)
    Tori / Tori's World

  3. I tried The Body Shop product for the first time ever last month. It was Spiced Apple shower gel. I just love it so much. I would definitely like to try these out as well. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. I got some body shop shower gel for Christmas and I love them! Strawberry is my favourite one they make though x