Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pawsome Box - January

Pawsome Box* is a monthly subscription box for your dog which is filled with tasty treats, fun toys and health items - each box is different! Ollie was very kindly sent their January box which was filled with amazing goodies, so was a perfect start to 2017 for him being completely spoilt.



So many amazing goodies! The toys have definitely gone down the best - one is a squeaky lion and the other is a rope toy made to look like a cigar - never seen one of those before! The lion has now become Ollie's favourite toy (even though he has pulled the tail off!) and he carries it everywhere, even on a walk - he did look slightly daft but he was happy, so that's the main thing.

There was also a health product, being a multi-vitamin paste which contains basically everything extra that your dog could need and maybe isn't already getting from their food. It has all ingredients and instructions you need to make sure you get it right for your dog.

Now, the food! (As if Ollie would let me forget them!) There were three different kinds in this month's box, one being salmon flavoured chew sticks which are perfect for teeth as they are quite hard, so they really have to chew at them. There is also a bag of salmon treats that have a cream centre and these have gone down, well, a treat if you pardon the pun! They are also the perfect size to use on walks and for training etc. The other treat is more of a bar that is perfect for just putting in your pocket, especially if you're going out for the day. Ollie hasn't tried this one yet but I know he will love it, mainly because it contains chicken!

Pawsome Box is an amazing way to not only spoil your dog, but also to try out new products that you may not have heard of before. Oh and who can forget that it gets delivered straight to your door - one way for your dog to make friends with the delivery man right?!

Have you ever bought a subscription box for your pet?
Love Laura x

*PR/Brand gift
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  1. Aww the thought of Ollie going on his walk with his toy is so cute! This sounds like a great box, I might have to look into this for my dog

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. He looked so sweet, and a little daft! Would highly recommend on for your dog, they would love it!