Thursday, 10 May 2018

4 No Heat Hairstyles

One thing I hate doing is using a lot of heat on my hair to style it, especially since my hair is prone to split ends and going dry. Therefore I don't really tend to do a lot with my hair, but sometimes I really just want it off my face without having to rely on just a ponytail, which I personally don't like on myself.


Therefore, my go-to hairstyles are half up, half down looks and these are 4 super easy and quick to do and don't require any products at all, which is also better for your hair as well as not using heat. Each also only needs clear elastics bands and/or bobby pins to hold it in place - you can of course use hairspray if you have a lot of flyaways!
They are all perfect for summer to keep hair off your face as well as looking super cute. Each hairstyle also works on my hair lengths and don't really require much practice - apart from the last one with the plait which looks good as either a French or Dutch braid.

Which of these is your favourite style and would you like me to do more hair videos on my YouTube channel?

Love Laura x


  1. I love these hairstyles, they look so quick and easy to do xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

  2. I really liked the hairstyles! I don't normally wear my hair down, so it is great to find different options. Thank you for sharing :)

    Miriam |