Saturday, 5 May 2018

Design.ME Hair

Hair, to me, is one of the first things you notice about a person so finding products that work with and for your hair type can be so hard to find. Design.ME is North American brand that has recently launched in the UK to help combat some of your hair woes!



I've tried so many blowdry sprays that claim to do x y z but don't actually do a thing! However, Powerdry.ME does everything and more! Not only does it help hair to dry 50% quicker and help to eliminate frizz and leave your hair looking and feeling smooth and silky, it also has  heat defence incorporated, oh and UV protection which is exactly what you need during summer and makes it perfect for taking on holiday. I love that it incorporates so many different uses which makes doing my hair so much quicker as I don't have to keep changing products to get what I want. It also feels so lightweight and doesn't make your hair greasy at all, in fact, you can't even tell it's in your hair once it's dry.

Fab.ME is a hydrating hair mist which, once again, feels so lightweight on your hair and it also have a multitude of uses! This also offers heat protection alongside making spilt ends look better and help prevent breakage. The main reason I love this hair mist is for its detangling and frizz control properties as my hair is prone to both but this keeps it smooth all day long and makes it so easy to brush though, even on the windiest day! It can also be used on coloured hair to help stop fading.

While I love doing braids and up-do's, sometimes they just don't go right if your hair is too clean/smooth, but by using Puff.ME it gives instant texture to your hair, making these types of looks so easy to create. This little gem gives incredible volume to your hair - even to those little baby hairs that normally wont do what you want! You only need the smallest amount to create the volume and while it doesn't really feel like you've used anything, it makes a huge difference but also doesn't weight your hair down at all.

The packaging of all of these hair products is so cute and just makes you want to use them! While they are a little more on the pricy side, they are completely worth it and a little goes a long way, especially with Puff.ME - a pump of 2 is all you need. I can highly recommend using these if you have frizz prone hair to give you the smooth and glossy hair of dreams! Design.ME is exclusively available on Sally Hanson Beauty

Love Laura x

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