Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cooper & Hill - Crowd&Co

I have had a involvement with Cooper & Hill since their launch, including having a say in their first crowd design process for the purse. For those of you who may not have heard of Cooper & Hill, they are a luxury bespoke bag and purse brand and they bridge the gap between manufacturer and consumer to make their gorgeous items affordable, but still have the luxury label and quality.

Their newest venture is Crowd & Co. Now this is a new concept to me but a genius one! Basically it is the idea of bringing their luxury brand products to a wide audience at an affordable price.
How Crowd & Co works is that the more people who commit to buying a product or just register their interest the more the price will decrease until it reaches its lowest. This means that customers are getting the product at a much lower trade price rather than the retail price, where there is normally a significant rise. This means that you can get something that should be £125 for as low as £32. Think of that saving for a well made and beautiful bag/purse! There are clear tables on each page which show the breakdown of the progress of the price drop depending on the amount of commitments.

As I'm sure people are aware, there is always power in numbers and in this is a perfect example of this. The more commitment = a lower price for everyone. The control really is in the customers hands! Such a unique concept and I could honestly see other brands following in Cooper & Hill's footsteps.

I honestly can't recommend taking a least a look at this exciting new platform and also getting the chance to buy one of Cooper & Hill's amazing bags or purses. Also, make sure you share, as the more people commit and show interest the lower the price for you!

Let me know what you think and more importantly, what you buy!

Love Laura x


  1. This is a really interesting concept. Everyone knows that the retail price is pricier but I wonder if something like this would catch on with big companies too. I feel like it fits in better with smaller brands but I'm not really sure. Receiving a quality item for significantly less sounds ideal to me though.


  2. It's something I have never heard of before but an amazing concept. I personally think it's better for smaller brands but you never know! Also their bags are so beautiful!
    Laura x