Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Clo Clo London

Over the years I have bought so many necklaces, most of them being in the fine jewellery department, so I was so excited to style a piece from Clo Clo London's collection. They are a London based online jewellery boutique where every piece is hand-picked, giving a guarantee of quality and linking in with current fashion trends.

The piece I got was the 'Elizabeth'*. For someone who has never worn statement jewellery before, I absolutely love this necklace! The gold chains are quite chunky and on other pieces it would look quite harsh, but with the faux peals, it adds a girly edge. I also love the small diamontes in the rings between each pearl to add to the girlyness and gives it a bit of sparkle! (My inner magpie!)  

It is quite a heavy piece of jewellery when you hold it, but when it's on you don't really feel it. Yes, it is more heavy than a normally necklace but not unbearable at all! As this is quite a large and statement piece, I would wear it with a simple outfit and make-up, so that it really catches the eye but also doesn't make your outfit too 'busy'.

Clo Clo London delivery is super fast and your items come wrapped in tissue paper baring the company name. I thought this was super cute and defiantly made me want to order something else purely for the wrapping! They have such a huge collection on their website, so even if you don't like the big statement pieces they have some that are more finer such as the 'Grace Kelly'. (Next on my shopping list!) Also, how cute is their website?!

Love Laura x

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