Saturday, 4 July 2015


Lookout salons of Manchester, there's a new one in town - ESMIE STYLE! Set in the heart of Manchester at Piccadilly House, just 5 mins walk from the station, it is in a perfect location and also, who has been to a hair salon situated a grade two listed office block before? I certainly haven't! Defiantly something unique and exclusive, when you are inside you completely forget you are in a busy city. Director and founder Rebecca Gladstone has worked and trained at Toni&Guy and Trevor Sorbie, so she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to all things hair and this has been shown by the salon, as a business, achieving goals which were set for 6 months time in as little as 3 months - how amazing is that?!

Compared to how the salon space looked when Rebecca first got it to now is such a huge transformation. It did have lime green walls with purple carpet (who ever thought that the colours would go together is beyond me!) and filled with desks. Now, it is a big open, clean space with black and white walls and wooden floor. Big mirrors with gorgeous, classy fames are placed along one wall with comfy leather chairs situated in front. Love the fact that they all have cushions too which defiantly adds to the luxury element. The black and white theme runs thought-out the space and into their social media so it all links together nicely and you know straight away that it is the same brand.

Rebecca's aim is to 'change the way we perceive our hair one step at a time'. This means that your hair will be seen as part of your health rather than as just a cosmetic extra. She is also offering bespoke, but still fashionable and on-trend cut/style, so you will never have exactly the same hair as someone else.

While I was there, I was treated to a gorgeous, super sleek blow dry! Using own brand shampoo and conditioner, Rebecca took the time to make sure my hair blow-dried to perfection before I left. At other salons where I have had this done, it has always felt rushed and also like ever hair was being pulled from my head - OUCH! But at ESMIE Style, Rebecca took her time and remember there was someone attached to the hair - at times I almost forgot what she was doing! My hair has never felt as soft or looked as frizz-free, I was so, so happy with the result and had some lovely comments from people about it which is always nice. It also lasted for the next day too and still looked as amazing as it did when it was first done - a sign your hair has been done well when it's a day old!

Day after - still looks amazing!
After spending some time with Rebecca, it is so obvious why ESMIE STYLE is doing so well, as she is friendly and welcoming but not overbearing as I have found some hairdressers can be. You can see her passion and drive for the business and also the hair and fashion industry as a whole. She is combining the two to make a high end, luxury brand.

I can soon see this becoming THE salon to be seen in!

Love Laura x

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous and frames your face so well, I also hate when the hair dressers start rushing and literally pull my scalp so hard- it doesn't feel as "therapeutic" after that!
    Dalal xx

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean but at ESMIE STYLE I felt totally relaxed!
      Laura x