Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Blogger 101 | Part One

Welcome to Blogger 101! The longer I blog the more I notice some of the strange and weird things I tend to do and also some of the misconceptions bloggers face - hello people who think we just drink cocktails all day! Just for the record, no we don't!

Part One of Being A Blogger

- It's a 24/7 thing. No weekends off!

- Weekends aren't for lie-ins now, its the time to take all the OOTD shots

- Lighting becomes your everything and you realise how precious natural lighting is

- It takes a lot of your free time up

- You never switch off and find inspiration everywhere

- Instagramable becomes a natural word to you and you will use it on a daily basis

- It can costs a lot - technology, clothes, makeup, storage etc

- The postman becomes your best friend - end up seeing him more than anyone!

- However, 'sorry we missed you' slips soon become boring

- And endless trips to the post office

- People will ask a lot of questions and you will get bored of repeating yourself

- Your phone will be glued to your hand and everyone will wonder what you are doing on it all the time

- You will check social media every 5 mins - don't want to miss an amazing opportunity!

- You do get used to eating cold food, honest!

- When it comes to fashion month, you will live on your phone/laptop catching up on shows

- Endless weird looks when taking OOTD shots become the norm

- As will running out of the way of cars when posing in the road

- You will constantly be asked for suggestions on products/outfits

- Be ready to get criticised - unfortunately it will happen, just don't take it to heart

- Notebooks! Can never have to many!

- Words such as 'haul', 'pigmented' and 'swatch' are used on a daily basis

- Taking 20,000 photos of the same thing and only using 2

- Ikea - I say no more!

- Ideas for a post will come to you at the strangest of times

- A mini celebration every time you reach a new milestone on Bloglovin/social media

- You will buy things to use in photos - flowers/candles/cushions/wallpaper samples becomes essentials

- You'll also use the old 'I can feature it on my blog' saying when making unnecessary purchases

- Storage boxes will be bought multiple times

- When meeting someone new, you will have to explain blogging, as they probably wont understand it

- Your room will resemble a beauty/fashion store

- Meeting like-minded people with similar interests who can help and inspire you

- Don't forget, you will have something you should be proud of!

Anything else you think should be added to the list? Let me know, there will be a part two!
Love Laura x

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