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Whatever pet you have, the most important thing is making sure they have everything they need from the essentials such as food to toys and - in Ollie's opinion - treats! have everything your pet could ever need with them also offering a very unique service, so read on to see what that use!

I have to admit, it took a long while to get these photos as Ollie had other ideas than to sit and pose, madly trying to get into both the packets by throwing them around the room! The Catch Grain Free dog food is such a high quality product that I had no hesitation in giving it to him. As it is grain free, it means it doesn't contain any of the added grains which are normally only used to bulk up the food to make it look more - these foods actually only contain a small percentage of meat, normally around 4%. However, Catch contains a whopping 50% of fish alongside vegetables and potato so it is an amazing source of protein and nutrients which your dog needs to be healthy.

The Catch Redskin Cookies are Ollie's new favourites, he absolutely loves them, although word of warning, they smell quite strongly of fish! These two are made of natural ingredients, mainly redfish skins which are amazing for your dogs teeth as they really have to chew on these to be able to eat them! You also get so many in moments bag, so these will definitely last a good while.

The strife that makes unique is their Bottomless Bowl auto reorder service. They are the first online pet store to offer this subscription service to make sure you never run out of food for your fur baby! It can also help your save time and money and is perfect for those who find it hard to carry heavy pet food home as it is all delivered straight to your door at the frequency of your choice - be that every 2 weeks or every 3 months, the choice is yours. Also, if your order is over £19.99, delivery is free!

As well as dog food, they have everything your pet could ever need including beds and flea/worm treatmeant - I have my eye on the Woodland Stay Duvet for Ollie!
Have you ever bought from and are your going to try out their reorder service?
Love Laura x

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