Saturday, 17 February 2018

Rimmel London Urban Affair Range

Yeah, I got more liquid lipsticks and these are also more of the Rimmel Stay Matte Lips in their new shades as part of the Urban Affair range. This also includes 4 gorgeous new shades of the Super Gel nail polishes, with some matching exactly to the lip colours - can you get any better than that?!


As my post here on Rimmel Stay Matte Lips has everything you could ever need to know on the liquid lipsticks, I'm not going to repeat everything. Well, other than these are amazing! All 3 of these shades are so wearable with the lightest being Fatal Kiss which is a gorgeous nude/grey/pink (honestly, one of the hardest shades to describe!) and is perfect for everyday wear. The next is Urban Affair, a red/purple and is definitely one to use if you love the dark lip look as it is quite berry toned. Lastly we have Damn Hot which is the darkest shade from the collection as it is a very dark purple toned colour. These are all so wearable and not too drying on your lips and, as I've shown in my YouTube video, blend so easily together!


I've never tried any of Rimmel's nail polishes and as someone who normally only uses gel polish, I was so excited to try these out and see how they compare and they certainly haven't disappointed! I do have to say, to make the polish last without chipping, you do need to follow the instructions on the bottle and use 2 coats of the colour followed by the topcoat - the first time, I just used one coat and it didn't last that long! The top coat adds the most gorgeous shine to your nails and really helps to bring out the shade underneath and of course makes it last for ages without chipping. I wouldn't say it makes your nails as hard as gel does, but it does last longer than regular polish All the shades are so wearable and I love the they match exactly with the lip colours.

Have you tried anything fro Rimmel Urban Affair range and what do you think of all these shades?
Love Laura x

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