Saturday, 28 November 2015

Pawsome Box November

A few months ago, I did a review of Perrfect Box, which is a subscription box for cats, but did you also know they do one for dogs?! Pawsome box is a subscription gift box for dogs and I was so, so excited to receive one for my puppy, Ollie! (Sure you will have seen him on my instagram!)

Review of pawsome box for november for ollie

The box was huge and filled with some amazing goodies! First off, the 2 sets of treats with one from Wagg Food- which is was I already feed to Ollie - and the other is some chicken meat balls. While Ollie is a little too young to have these now, they look amazing and I know he is going to love them!
The blanket included is super soft and snuggly, which is perfect for a sleepy puppy and I have been using this one in his crate, as that is where he sleeps the majority of the time. It also seems to be quite strong and durable, as it is putting up with being chewed and not falling apart or showing signs of wear and tear. The colour is perfect for Ollie too, as he seems to shed more white fur than black so they grey hides it! The wipes that are such a good idea, as puppies always have dirty paws and these are so easy to use and the perfect size.

Ollie with the pig toy from Pawsome Box November

Now, on to the best bit - the toys! The ball is such a good idea as you can fill it with treats on either side and when pushed around, they fall out. It is great for entertaining an excitable puppy and keeps him occupied for ages. With it being rubber, he can chew it all he wants and I don't have to worry about bits falling off etc - perfect for a teething pup! Now, this pig toy is Ollie's absolute favourite and he hasn't stopped playing with it since the Pawsome Box arrived! It's a fluffy, plush toy that has squeakers in all 4 legs and the head and tail are attached and on a stretchy fabric so can be pulled. Even though this has been played with none stop, it is still in once piece apart from one squeaker not working! It is such an amazing toy and I don't know what Ollie would do without it!

Me and Ollie have truly enjoyed this box and it is such a good idea and filled with such amazing and usable goodies! Would defiantly recommend for your dog - they will adore it!

Love Laura x

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