Wednesday, 25 November 2015

White Glo Whitening Kit

Time for another teeth whitening kit and on this occasion, it is White Glo whitening kit* that I've been tying out. This is the Diamond Series kit which has only just become available in Boots (UK) and consists of an extra strength whitening tooth paste, whitening gel and mouth guard.

white glow teeth whitening kit diamond series review
This is a super easy kit to use and only takes 5mins, which makes it the quickest method I've tried. To start with, you simply apply the gel to the inside of the mouth guard, which fits to both your top and bottom sets of teeth at the same time. Doing this the first time, I was terrified that the gel would leak out when you had the guard upside-down but I can assure you it doesn't! You put this in your mouth for 5mins at the most to whiten. Neither the guard or the gel really have a taste, which is always a good thing and you don't need a load of it either to cover all your teeth, so I can see it lasting a long time. One thing I would say about the mouth guard is that I found it hard to use as my teeth aren't perfectly straight, so the gel couldn't sit right against my teeth and I could get the full benefit from it.
Once you have used the gel, brush your teeth like normal using the extra strength toothpaste. I LOVE this! Personally, I found that this did more for my teeth than the gel and guard and did actually improve and whiten like it should. As it has been formulated for actors and models who need 'a perfect smile', you feel like one of those and you just want to smile all day. I haven't found it makes my teeth sensitive, as I have found some whitening toothpaste's have, meaning I can use it everyday and improve whiteness constantly. It also doesn't cause any harm to your tooth surface either.
White Glo is defiantly one of the quickest kits I've used and although the gel didn't work perfectly for me, I can see how it would work for someone else. However, the toothpaste is amazing and I will be defiantly be buying again when this one runs out!
Love Laura x

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