Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Long, flowing mermaid locks are bang on trend right now, but what if your hair never seems to grow past a certain length and you don't want to resort to extensions? The answer is Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment!

review on fbl savvy of lee stafford hair growth treatment
Review of Lee Stafford Hair Growth Tteatment on fblsavvy inside the pot
After using this for a few months now, I have noticed such a difference in my hair - it appears healthier and thicker, and has actually grown! Normally, my hair never goes past a certain length, or it does but goes very dry and wispy at the ends which are then cut off so it still doesn't go longer! However, since using the treatment, the wispiness has gone and it all seems to grow at the same rate. This has all been achieved by the inclusion of PRO-GROWTH™ in the formula, which is a protein based complex and helps to encourage your hair to grown from the follicles down. As it improves the health of follicles, it increases the ability for the hair to hold onto your scalp - means less hair clogging up the drain as it reduces hair loss! As it has a soothing formula, it reduces the risk of irritation and helps to motorise the scalp to provide the perfect base for strong and health hair to grow. This all means that even if you have a sensitive scalp/skin, you can still use the treatment.

One thing with this treatment is that you don't have to leave it on for a crazy amount of time, 3-5 mins will do and it is so easy to wash out and doesn't leave a greasy residue, as I have found some similar treatments do. The smell is also pretty good - sort of similar to that of after sun which I personally don't mind at all! It is a little pricy at £8.50 and you do need an egg size amount each time you wash your hair for about 2 weeks, it then decreases to once a week. Also, how cute is the pink pot?! Love seeing this in my bathroom! While I have only been using the treatment, I can see how using the whole hair growth product line would help your hair to grow even faster and better.

I love how thick, healthy and frizz-free my hair feels and also the improved length! If you have hair the seems to refuse to grow, I would defiantly recommend trying this Hair Growth Treatment! Have you tried the treatment or any other Lee Stafford products?

Love Laura x


  1. Ohhh this product sounds amazing !! The pink tub really is adorable.. And I am such a fan of Lee Stafford products too!! There is literally nothing worth than seeing your hair fall out (aaahhhh!!).. So using a product like this can definitely help!! Thanks for the review darling!


    1. This helps so, so much with hair loss and makes your hair feel so super strong too! Glad you like it!
      L x

  2. Hadn't heard of this, but my friend always says her hair doesn't grow much, which is true. Will recommend this product to her.

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  4. I used to love using this, left my hair so soft and shiny xx

  5. I've tried this product before too and although I didn't notice a massive difference in the growth of my did leave it so shiny and feeling much stronger! xx

  6. I haven't actually heard of this before but it is intriguing me, I might have to pick it up some time! You have a wonderful blog here anyway, you should be proud of all your hard work! x