Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What's In My Bag | Guest Post from Ohkay-dohkay

I wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to the beautiful Laura for allowing me to post on her blog today! Her blog is pretty awesome (but you all know that already) and I love that she gave me a chance to write on here today! :)

My name is Kay, I’m 25 years old and I live in the Rhondda, a valley in South Wales. I’ve had my blog OhKay-DohKay for a few years now and I am on bloglovin, so please do go and check that out! 

I don't know about you but I am a rather nosey person but I'm also pretty curious and I like seeing how other people organise and arrange their lives. I love seeing inside other people's bags, whether that be via a youtube video or a blog post and so today I thought I would show you inside mine. 

I change bags pretty much every other day but my usual every day bag is black, a bucket-kinda shaped and something I can throw everything in to and these are the kind of things that I usually carry!

iPhone // Does anyone leave the house without their iPhone these days? I don't think so and I am no different! I currently have the iPhone 6 in gold and I absolutely love it, so this would be the first thing that you would seeing my bag. 

My essentials kit // A rather broad term I know but I always carry a little essentials kit with me. In essence this is a small toilet bag that contains anything I might need in an emergency - paracetamol, plasters, hair ties, etc. 

A book // I am famous for always carrying a book and usually half a dozen magazines but these days I am trying to cut down on how heavy my bag is! I always have the book I'm reading in my bag, so it varies all the time but at the moment I'm reading the Danish Girl. I read an awful lot of books and I review them on Goodreads, so go check my out on there. 

Notepad // I am a stationary addict and as much as I love modern technology I would still rather take written notes so I always have a notepad and a pen (or ten) with me. 

My macbook // I would be lost without my Macbook and these days I'm rarely seen without it, so nine times out of ten I will be carrying this with me. It's my baby!

My planner (s) // So as I already mentioned I am an absolute stationary addict and I pretty much have a planner/notepad for everything (it's organised chaos) so I generally have at least one of my planners with me. At the moment I am using my blog planner (CocoChicBlog), my Happiness planner and my 2016 Collins elite diary. Generally I only carry my schedule (the Collins diary) but if I have a to-do lis for the day, then I will also carry my Happiness Planner. 

Purse // "It's all about the money, money". But in all seriousness, this is kinda obvious isn't it? I carry a small, coin type purse from Accessorize. I have my eye on a gorgeous Lulu Guiness purse but for now the coin purse does the trick. 

 What do you carry?


So that's my done!  If you want to see more from me then please do go check out my blog, follow me on twitter or come say hi on facebook!

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  1. I usually have my Kate Spade spotted gold notebook on me most of my time. It's chic and I write lists of everything. I also use my phone and excel spreadsheets to help me keep track of things. I need to look for a great app, but also avoiding it because I actually like writing things down. lol