Saturday, 20 May 2017

Celebrating Your Dog's Birthday | Lily's Kitchen

We all know that having a dog is like having your own furry baby and they are without a doubt, a huge part of your family so of course you have to celebrate their birthday too! While Ollie's birthday isn't until August, Lily's Kitchen very kindly sent him their new Birthday Surprise gift set, which is such a good idea and Ollie has definitely enjoyed it!



How cute is my little puppy?! Ok, I may be slightly biased here but I'm allowed to be, right?! The little gift set is so amazing to help celebrate your dog's birthday as it includes pretty much everything they could ever want/need - especially with a springer spaniel as they love food! I would like to point out that I didn't intent to have a photo with it in his mouth - he very cheekily ran off with it, but with those puppy-dog eyes it was impossible to be mad at him!

In this gift set, you get a tin of food which is made using steak, potatoes and herbs to mimic what humans may have as a special birthday tea which is such a cute idea. Ollie normally just has dried dog biscuits as his meals but he enjoyed this so much that he didn't even come up for air! I did have to use a scrunchie to hold his long ears out of the way - we all know jelly and hair are not a good mix. Also, there is a bag of treats which are made of cheddar and apple (both organic) and these are honestly the best smelling treats as they don't smell of dog food at all, in fact they just smell like digestive biscuits. I love the fact that they are heart shaped too! These are the perfect size for training and also just to have a handful in your pocket on walks - safe to say, Ollie adores these and can sniff them out no matter where I put/hide them.

The box is literally amazing and at first glance, you wouldn't think it is for a dog! The illustrations are hand drawn and it is just so bright and colourful - it's just so party ready and kind of reminds me of carnivals with the design and colours used. Included in the box is  a cute little birthday card included which you can fill in for your fur baby and it even has a little poem inside which such a nice little touch. At £9.95, I think this is such a good price for what you get and at the moment they are only available on Lily's Kitchen's website.


If you haven't heard of Lily's Kitchen before, they are a brand that uses natural ingredients at their freshest and never use any artificial additives, colours, flavours etc. They also use organic produce where they can - such as in these treats - with a specific range that is 100% organic to give the most natural and nutritious diet possible. All meals are also made in small batches so they retain as much nutritious integrity as possible to provide a well balanced meal. Sometimes Ollie doesn't have the best stomach, so I am quite careful what I give him but he has had no side effects what so ever from anything from Lily's Kitchen!

Ollie has completely enjoyed his early birthday present and I am definitely going to get him another for his actual birthday. Oh and I am without a doubt going to see if you can buy these treats separately as he absolutely adores them!

Have you ever bought your pet something from Lily's Kitchen and what did they think of it?
Love Laura x

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  1. Firstly, your dog is so cute!! And second, I haven't heard of this brand before but I'm keen to try it! My puppy won't be one until October but I'm already wondering what the hell I do for it! Such a cute post thanks for sharing!! Robyn xx